Deadline reports that the rights to turn the Jonathan Glazer (Sexy Beast) science fiction thriller Under The Skin starring Scarlett Johansson into a television series is now undergoing a bidding war between A24 and Silver Reel. 

A potential TV spin-off of British director Jonathan Glazer’s cult sci-fi feature Under The Skin has sparked a bidding war between the film’s original financier Silver Reel and studio A24.

Under The Skin is an adaptation of the novel by Michel Faber. 

Disguising itself as a human female, an extraterrestrial drives around Scotland attempting to lure unsuspecting men into her van. Once there, she seduces and sends them into another dimension where they are nothing more than meat.


I adored the Glazer film and there could be an excellent series there if handled properly. Stranger Things’ dark void sequences with 11 took directly from Under The Skin. 

Jonathan Glazer and Silver Reel have been discussing the potential of a series since 2017. 

Glazer and Wilson were first approached in June 2017 by a U.S. agent about adapting Under The Skin for television, and they discussed the proposal with Silver Reel CEO Claudia Bluemhuber, according to people familiar with the matter.

I’m slightly curious where the project would land and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that HBO or HBO Max will get to air it, given there would be very little in the way of restrictions on mimicking the darkness and sexuality of the original film. 

The director is currently working a Holocaust drama focused around the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland. 


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