In a new lengthy interview with TheHollywoodReporter, Samuel L. Jackson talked about his acting career and revealed he’d like to play the Nick Fury role for the foreseeable future which suggests he’s willing to extend his contract with Marvel Studios that seemingly has expired.

The upcoming Captain Marvel — which is set in 1995 (Fury’s younger look, created with makeup and CGI, is modeled on Jackson’s face from 1998’s The Negotiator, co-starring Kevin Spacey) and stars Brie Larson as the alien hero — marks the end of his nine-picture deal with Marvel, but he has no plans of retiring the character. He’s already wrapped Spider-Man: Far From Home (opening July 5) and would happily play the part into his 80s. “I could be the Alec Guinness of Marvel movies,” he suggests.

There is a good reason to believe this will continue large MCU roles throughout the other films of Phase 4. One future project we believe he’ll be setting his eyes on will be Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther 2. Sam made a big stink about Marvel not letting him be part of that cast when speaking with WeGotThisCovered a while back. In hindsight, Fury could have easily taken scenes from Martin Campbell’s Everett Ross (although, Fury is still in hiding during that film) but they obviously did what they did for a reason.

“Also, I asked them, “So you’re doing Black Panther and the only black character in the Marvel Universe is not showing up?” And they’re like, “Nick Fury is not in Wakanda!” How can he not know the other black superhero on the planet? How the hell does that work? But they just said, “No you’re not in that one.”

He reaffirmed his disappointment on the Ellen Show over the summer.

“I couldn’t [star in it] either,” Jackson said. “When they were making it I kept saying ‘so when do I go to Wakanda’ and they were like (shakes his head no). I was like Nick Fury can’t… can I just walk down the street in Wakanda so they know that I know it’s there? Because I know it’s there! I mean Nick Fury knows every black thing that’s on the planet, so he’s gotta know about Wakanda, but I wish I had been there, but I’m really really pleased with the success of the film and how it worked out and eventually I may end up in Wakanda.”

It was recently announced that Coogler would be returning to write and direct Black Panther 2 with a potential an early 2020 production, giving Jackson a second chance to get to visit Wakanda or at least appear alongside T’Challa and his crew in some form.

Other possible Phase 4 projects could include the Shang-Chi movie that is currently being written by screenwriter Dave Callaham (Wonder Woman 1984, Godzilla, The Expendables), as that character has plenty of interactions with fellow spies around the world. Not to mention Scarlett Johansson’s upcoming Black Widow solo movie which is set to begin filming soon. A third Spider-Man movie is assumed but unannounced, and there could be a good chance to see Jackson involved with that as well.

There are many future options if Jackson wants to continue playing Nick Fury and works out a deal with Marvel Studios.


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