TheHollywoodReporter has revealed that Spider-Man/Evil Dead director Sam Raimi will return to horror after a ten-year hiatus from the genre.

His last horror entry being 2009’s Drag Me To Hell and last feature film was Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful from 2013.

Sony/Columbia Pictures will reunite with Raimi for an untitled horror/thriller being described as Stephen King’s Misery meets Tom Hanks’ Cast Away, likely having the story taking place on a remote island.

The film is based on an original idea turned screenplay penned by Mark Swift and Damian Shannon the pair had previously worked on the Friday The 13th reboot.

Mark Swift and Damian Shannon, who wrote 2009’s reboot of Friday the 13th, will write the script based on their original idea. Raimi will direct and produce via his Raimi Productions. The company’s Zainab Azizi will also produce.

Details are being kept far from shore but sources say the project is being described as “Misery meets Cast Away” in tone

Raimi the screenwriters had previously worked together developing their Bermuda Triangle film for Skydance Media that has been having trouble moving into production.

Sam had a previous working relationship with Columbia/Sony after delivering them Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, and Spider-Man 3. He was set to make Spider-Man 4 until the studio, producers, and Raimi couldn’t agree upon a schedule/budget.

It sounds like this untitled project will be more similar to Raimi’s underrated The Gift starring Cate Blanchette (seemingly an homage to Stephen King) than something like the Evil Dead films.


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