Deadpool franchise actor and producer Ryan Reynolds has now posted an image of himself visiting the Marvel Studios offices on social media without a lot of context for the visit/meeting.

Our assumption is that this could have something to do with Ryan’s previous Instagram post teasing Deadpool coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Phase 5.

We know that Disney and Marvel Studios are keen to keep the Deadpool movies going, Kevin Feige and Bob Iger suggesting publicly they’ll keep the future films R-rated.

There have been some statements made by Kevin Feige that mutants were on the way at San Diego Comic-Con on stage during the Marvel panel, but was quick to point out that the main X-Men movie is likely going to be taking longer than most are expecting as it currently isn’t part of the five-year plan.

Before the Disney/Fox merger closed in mid-March, 20th Century Fox was developing scripts for both Deadpool 3 with Rhett Reese/Paul Wenrick and X-Force from Drew Goddard. It’s been alluded to that those projects are now in the hands of Feige and he has teased in the past that he move forward with a couple of them (Noah Hawley has mentioned multiple times that Marvel is still interested in his Doctor Doom movie/script).

Deadpool was officially the only character from the Fox era that was revealed to carry over to Marvel Studios, his image was also used on the Disney website once Fox was integrated into the company officially.

Deadpool 3 being announced soon wouldn’t be terribly shocking as Blade was this summer after Mahershala Ali closed his deal to play Eric Brooks in a new movie, potentially, Ryan would have to sign a new contract with Marvel Studios as his deal with Fox would be null post-merger as the franchise changed-hands to Marvel.

Ryan recently completed Fox’s Free Guy and Netflix’s 6 Underground directed by Michael Bay.

His next project will be Skydance/Netflix’s heist movie Red Notice shooting next year in England co-starring Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot.


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