The Russo Brothers have quickly become the shepherds of the Marvel Cinematic Universe after their increasing successes with Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, and the upcoming Avengers 4.

There has been some curiosity from fandom if they’ll be coming back to direct something as they haven’t officially announced tentative plans to do so. One of their previous stipulations to return is being able to make their version of Secret Wars.

During the Collider screening event and Q&A for Avengers: Infinity War, Joe Russo reiterated wanting to adapt Secret Wars when asked by Collider with Fantastic Four and X-Men heading to Marvel Studios would be they willing to return.

Joe’s response to Collider’s question.

“Not until they’re ready to make Secret Wars.”

Basically, Secret Wars is a massive comic book event that could dwarf previous Avengers films as it would allow the Fantastic Four, Namor, Silver Surfer, and X-Men to get in on the action without being members of the Avengers themselves. Spider-Man also got his symbiote black suit in the pages of that comic.

A tease to Peter Parker’s black suit was spotted in Avengers: Infinity War concept artwork that didn’t make it to the film.

The Russo Brothers have previously mentioned along with screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely about getting their hands on characters like Wolverine and Namor. Secret Wars could give them an excuse and purpose to include those characters who have been sidelined in the MCU.

“Let’s open it up to favorite Marvel characters,” begins Joe Russo, at once wanting to be diplomatic to my teasing question and also (probably) mindful of not giving away any future plans. 

“It would probably be Wolverine,” says the elder Russo. When I remind him that, with a Fox deal potentially on the horizon, we could be getting it sooner rather than later, Anthony swoops in and says “Yeah, maybe one day…”

McFeely and Markus talked to THR about their desire to write Namor. A character that is more than likely going to be relegated to a supporting role, not unlike Hulk, due to distribution rights still seemingly held by Universal Pictures.

Namor. He is kind of a jerk and has a chip on his shoulder and he is a king and lives underwater. The degree of difficulty is so high, though. Cause it could be a great movie or it could be truly terrible.”

Speaking with CBR earlier in the year they first mentioned their idea to have the X-Men involved with a Secret Wars adaptation.

“Hopefully they’re about to get their hands on a few of them. Listen, my second favorite character growing up, and one of my prized possessions in my comic book collection is Incredible Hulk #181, which of course is the first appearance of Wolverine. I feel like the mission of the Marvel Universe is to keep expanding and surprising people. Surprise them with casting choices, surprise them with story choices. If we’re moving into this world of crossover events, certainly that affords opportunity for other large-scale stories from the books like Secret Wars — which was another favorite comic of mine as a kid.”

“There’s big potential moving forward if the Fox/Disney deal closes.”

Who knows what that could look like on the big screen. Could it be another two-part epic with a billion-dollar price tag like Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4?

As far as we know the Russos will be taking a much-deserved break once the press tour for Avengers 4 is finished and aren’t expected to return anytime soon. Kevin Feige will also be busy rolling out his own wave of movies over the next couple of years, which includes reboots of the X-Men and Fantastic Four once the merger with Fox is finalized.


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