Our pal Jeremy from MCUCosmic floated a new Marvel Studios/Disney+ rumor when commenting on his podcast about the recent rumblings about future X-Men shows coming to the streaming service. Jeremy points out that Disney CEO Bob Iger mentioning using Fox characters on the Disney+ platform over the summer in an earnings call, which would suggest the X-Men were fair game once the merger was completed, same as the movies.

He went on to suggest a rumor that one of these possible X-Men streaming shows could finally give fans a faithful adaptation of a popular X-Men character, as they would be focusing on a single character and not the entire X-Men lineup.

“It’s not necessarily X-Men, like “X-Men team” from what I heard. The rumor I heard is that it would be a single certain character, one character, a very popular X-Men character showing their origin for the first time on screen, done well. The actual legitimate origin of this character and that’s how they’d introduce that character to the MCU and then that character would be really big in the movies. But they would do their backstory and origin as a Disney+ series like 2020 or so.”

As with most of these Disney+ rumors, we are being extra cautious but Jeremy was the first to break that The Eternals were coming to the MCU, so we’re at least going to keep on eye on this one even if we’re taking it with a pinch of salt.

What jumps to my attention is that Fox has attempted Wolverine’s origin twice in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (horrible version) and when trying to reboot those scenes in X-Men: Apocalypse was relegated to a cameo action sequence with a comical ending. This might be the best way to reboot and recast Wolverine for the MCU without having to tell his origin again in the main team installment. You could also possibly tackle his military service during WWII or other various parts of his backstory that were never explored in the films in great detail.

Interesting enough, I suggested a Wolverine series could be worthwhile for Disney+ back in November.

However, Jeremy neither mentions Wolverine or Weapon X Program that’s just my own speculation in the way he presented it, there is a possibility that he could be talking about similarly popular members like Rogue or Storm, as both never really got a proper origin story in the Singerverse.

Although we have to remind ourselves that Marvel Studios could be simply talking about how they want to use X-Men characters in the near future internally, they can’t actually start developing projects with actual writers until the merger is finalized and they’re given the go-ahead by Disney, as previously confirmed by Kevin Feige.

Again, it’s only a rumor at this point but it’s interesting none-the-less.


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