According to a new rumbling from GWW, it looks like Marvel Studios has already started the casting process to find the actor to play Marc Spector aka Moon Knight for the Disney+ series.

The outlet suggesting that Marvel is seeing a Jewish actor of Israeli descent.

The studio is searching for a Jewish “Zac Efron-type” who is preferably of Israeli descent. 

They speculate/mention Efron still possibly landing the role but the actor admittedly identifies as Jewish but isn’t practicing as he grew up in an agnostic household. Marc Spector in the comics is the son of a Rabbi, so we totally understand the aim to hire a Jewish actor as it’s part of the character’s makeup.

However, Zac is American-born with Polish/UK/European ancestry and not Israeli, which sounds like he would be a stretch to get the part if Marvel is specifically seeking someone of Israeli descent that would certainly rule-out Efron.

Not to mention Kevin Smith’s suggestion of Keanu Reeves (John Wick) would be out of the question as well.

There have also been rumblings that Marvel is going to be specifically seeking a Pakistani Muslim actress to play Kamala Khan in the Ms. Marvel series. If they’re aiming for a certain background for Moon Knight as well that might speak towards the MCU version of the character and might mean that Spector could be Israeli in the show.

Sometimes when casting suggests an actor as their “type” they’re normally seeking someone with a similar look, body type, age range, and awareness. Not that exact actor mentioned.

We’ve seen plenty of projects where casting agencies/studio is seeking a Zendaya-type but not actually looking for that actress to fill the role.

Marc Spector is a vigilante superhero named Moon Knight that instead of having one single alter-ego has three. Those being a mercenary, a rich playboy, and a New York City cab driver. This would suggest they’d need a strong actor with excellent acting range to handle the four different aspects of the Spector character.

I’m not sold that Zac Efron even has the acting chops to tackle a complex character like this, to be honest. Despite everyone seemingly mentioning him for these superhero roles, I’ve never quite seen him as the leading man after his multiple box office disasters.

The series is said to be going under the working title Good Faith thanks to information via MCUCosmic.

There is a possibility the early casting could mean that we might see Moon Knight/Spector show up in a Marvel project before his solo series.


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