Take the following with a pinch of salt, but the latest Star Wars rumor might be seeing Rian Johnson being fed-up with fan outrage over his film The Last Jedi and has decided to stop making his original Star Wars trilogy. The rumor comes from our pals over at SuperBroMovies and considering other filmmakers previously exiting before/during shooting there is a trend of directors bouncing or getting fired.

According to multiple sources, The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson is no longer developing a Star Wars trilogy for Lucasfilm.

 It appears as if those films may never see the light of day as Johnson has chosen to step away from the trilogy to focus on other projects. 

Another factor that likely played into Johnson’s unfortunate departure is the backlash that he received following the release of The Last Jedi. 

UPDATE: Rian Johnson says on Twitter he’s still working on his Star Wars trilogy. 


Johnson’s The Last Jedi is far from horrid but that didn’t stop a small but vocal group of Star Wars fans spend most of their online hours harassing him or piling-on the film. While this rumor has yet to be confirmed, Rian is a filmmaker that would have a longlasting career with or without Star Wars.

The original plan was for Rian Johnson to write and direct the first installment of his new trilogy then hand-off two other script treatments to other filmmakers to make. If true, there is somewhat of an expectation that the trades would be able to dig up a little more information concerning what is going on behind the scenes. Then again, we’ve seen plenty of Star Wars film projects recently go into development stages and then just stall for various reasons.

He recently made the thriller Knives Out starring Daniel Craig which comes out on November 27th and is currently busy deep in post-production.


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