It looks like the MCU might be adding a third Hulk. 

Daniel Richtman has posted on his Patreon page (spotted by MCUCosmic) that Thunderbolts and Agents of S.M.A.S.H. member Red Hulk is coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but what that project will be is unclear. 

Red Hulk is the Thunderbolt Ross version of Hulk and his daughter Betty Ross eventually becomes Red She-Hulk in the comics. 

The upcoming She-Hulk show would make sense given that there had been previous rumblings that Liv Tyler could be reprising the Betty Ross role in the streaming series, unknown if she’d end playing Red She-Hulk. 

However, there have been rumblings for about a year that Marvel Studios was looking to develop Thunderbolts project either as a feature film or a Disney+ series. 

Having Thunderbolt Ross put the team together via The Raft might be the way to go. The Russo Brothers confirmed to ComicBook that at one point they almost used Red Hulk in Captain America: Civil War, which would have been easy to see with William Hurt in the film. 

JOE RUSSO: “We had so many characters in that movie as it was. We consider everything, obviously, but with so many characters in that movie as it was to try and entertain adding another character and to get to the Red Hulk, you have to add a back story.”

“You have to substantiate the narrative to get to that. [Thaddeus Ross], on our list of priorities, he was there sort of as the government’s agenda and not to add another complicated super powered character to the mix.”

Hurt’s Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross will be returning for Black Widow as confirmed by the trailer and could be appearing in the series The Falcon & The Winter Soldier. 

There are plenty of existing characters that could be in an MCU roster of the Thunderbolts including Zemo, Ghost, Taskmaster, Abomination, and Justin Hammer. 

The She-Hulk role is currently casting and character information suggests that Jennifer Walters might become an Avengers herself and the possibility that Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner might appear in the show as he’s connected to her origin. 

Filming on the series is said to begin this summer and we assume will begin airing in the summer/fall of 2021. 


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