Paramount Pictures is seemingly moving forward with a new G.I. Joe movie while the prospect of third team film is up-in-the-air they’re expected to begin filming their solo film Snake Eyes in the spring. It was recently revealed by producers that film would be an origin story and focus on a younger version of the character ruling out seeing the return of Ray Park in the titular role. Also, it was announced that The Captain and RED director Robert Schwentke would be helming the movie.

It looks like some details on the martial arts focused action film have leaked.

ThatHashtagShow is reporting on some possible character and plot details for Paramount’s Snake Eyes. They’re suggesting that the bulk of the film will involve an Asian cast, excluding the new actor playing Snake Eyes. The characters possibly being cast in the film include Tommy aka Storm Shadow, Junko Akita, Hard Master, Soft Master, Blind Master, and an original character named Kenta that will be Storm Shadow’s brother.

It sounds like the film will be primarily taking place in Japan, which could be a nice switch-up as its nice to see they might not hammer-in the raw-raw military stuff just yet.

Cobra will also potentially be pulling strings behind the scenes.

You can read their breakdown below.

When we meet this new, younger Snake Eyes, it’ll be as a street fighter in Peru. Driven by the desire to avenge the death of his father, Snake Eyes is apparently a man on the move until he ends up in Japan, where he and his best friend, Tommy, aka Storm Shadow, will begin their training with the Arashikage Clan.

The film will see at least 3 of the clan’s legendary masters as they train Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow as Hard Master, Soft Master, and Blind Master are all set to appear. Also present at the Arashikage compound is the film’s female lead, Akita. In comic continuity, Junko Akita was an apprentice and lover of Storm Shadow; here she is the head of security and will be a love interest for Snake Eyes.

Of course, if it’s a GI Joe movie, Cobra must somehow be present and in this instance, their presence is made manifest in what appears to be a character created for the film: Kenta. Kenta is revealed to Storm Shadow’s brother who has long since left his family, the Arashikage and joined with a rival ninja clan, the Kurayami. It is Kenta who attempts to lure Snake Eyes away from the Arashikage and into a terrorist plot being devised by Cobra. 

Casting does seem to be the next big step with the project.

Paramount Pictures has yet to give Snake Eyes an official release date.


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