Casting for Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk is in full-swing after previous information pointed towards Marvel Studios seeking an actress between 25-35 for the part in the Disney+ show. 

KnightEdgeMedia has spotted a new post on Daniel Richtman’s Patreon page that claims that Marvel Studios is seeking an “Alison Brie” type for the titular role of She-Hulk in their Disney+ series. 

This doesn’t exactly mean they’ll pursue Alison Brie for the part. 

However, we’ve seen most of the Community cast appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to their connection to The Russo Brothers. 

Brie has been leading the Netflix series Glow, which focuses on female wrestling.

The working title of the show is Libra (a nod to Jennifer being a lawyer) and might begin shooting this July/August in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Emmy-winner writer Jessica Gao (Rick & Morty) is the head writer on She-Hulk. 

Character information has teased that Jennifer will become an Avenger and the series could introduce her origin story which directly connects to her cousin Bruce Banner played by Mark Ruffalo. 

She-Hulk could begin airing in summer/fall of 2021 as Disney has yet to announce when they plan on the series to drop. 


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