Some possible character information has been revealed by TheIlluminerdi and Daniel Richtman (via FullCircleCinema), who seemingly got their hands on some casting/agency character breakdowns for the two sequels. 

They claim that the studio is looking to cast the role of former IMF Agent Rollin Hand along with characters Paris and Lambert. 

There is some suspicion that recently added actor Shea Whigham might be playing Rollin Hand, the role had been previously played by Martin Landu in the original series. 

The production conducted a casting search for the Rollin Hand role, specifying a male actor in the 50s to late 70s age range. 

The character was prominent in the first three seasons of the original television series and was played by Martin Landau. Hand is an iconic former IMF agent who has still maintained his athleticism and is intended to appear at least 20 years older than the eternally youthful Ethan Hunt. 

He will also be flanked by two younger upstarts, Lambert and Paris. Early reports had tagged the Hand character as the lead villain role of the film – previously rumored to be Hoult’s role – however, that doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact, the casting of Shea Whigham seems to be a much more natural fit for the role.

British actress Hayley Atwell is said to be playing the role of Lambert first mentioned by Richtman/FCC, which TheIlluminerdi claims is a protege of Rollin Hand. 

Atwell’s character’s name is Lambert, and she is one of Rollin Hand’s mentees. Lambert is described as tenacious and a bit of a bruiser. Characteristics that Atwell has the proven ability to embody, particularly as her turn as another super-spy, Agent Peggy Carter, in Captain America: The First Avenger.

Paris is the coeval to Lambert and is intended to have leading man qualities. He is described as unlawful and possessing rare abilities. It’s unclear who has been cast in this role, but it appears to be the type of character that could jumpstart a career.

They suspect that Nicholas Hoult might be playing the two films’ big bad with Pom Klementieff playing his henchman. 

There is a lead villain slated for the Mission Impossible 7, though we have been unable to secure the name. However, we do know that during the casting process, they were searching for a male in the 35 to 45-year old age range, which seemingly confirms speculation that Hoult is the big bad, or at least the mastermind behind the hijinks of the upcoming sequel. This character is slated to appear in both upcoming films.

Returning cast members include Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Venessa Kirby, and Simon Pegg. 

While filming under the working title of Libra will primarily take place at Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden in Watford, England, it was recently announced that Paramount halted a three-week exterior shoot in Italy over concerns of the safety of the cast and crew from the Coronavirus. 

It’s unknown if further location shoots will be cancelled but we can assume that they’ll have juggle with replacements or have to stick with the United Kingdom. 


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