We are increasingly interested in seeing how Neill Blomkamp’s sequel to RoboCop will turn out and there is some positive perspective from the franchise co-creator on that front.

Our pals over at DiscussingFilm were able to speak with Ed Neumeier the co-creator of RoboCop and the topic at one point turned towards RoboCop Returns, which he’ll produce alongside partner Michael Miner. Ed has some very kind words concerning director Neill Blomkamp.

”What I would say is that he is very serious about RoboCop and he really wants to do means a great deal to him. It’s been a touchstone for him as far as I can tell since he saw it.”

“I mean if you look at District 9 there is so much in that feels… it’s one of my favorite movies but I say this with admiration it’s the best post-RoboCop movie that deals with stuff from RoboCop of any of them, I think. And Chappie, the time he was writing it, it was being called his RoboCop. So, I think he’s the perfect guy to do this he certainly has means and the sensibility of it.”

Ed reveals/confirms that screenwriter Justin Rhodes (Terminator) will be working off a rejected RoboCop 2 script from himself and Miner that was written decades ago. Apparently, the two were fired from RoboCop 2 and Blomkamp hopes to incorporate that draft.

“The script we started was one my partner and I Michael Miner worked on many years before we were fired off of the original sequel during a writers strike, so Neill and his writer Justin Rhodes have sort of embraced that and Neill has things he wants to do, of course, and I don’t want to reveal too much of what he’s going to do but it’s very interesting and very cutting-edge and I’m enthused. I think it could be very good and MGM, I have to say, has been very serious about making a good RoboCop movie after the remake.” 

Despite previous hope from Blomkamp and a mention here in the interview from Ed about Peter Weller reprising the RoboCop role, a report from SuperBroMovies suggests that Weller isn’t interested in returning to the role of Alex Murphy. I don’t think we’ve had the final word on that, but given his age and this being called a direct sequel it might be tough to explain an older Weller in the suit, as it’s expected to take place a year or so after the original.

Admittedly, Ed Neumeier reveals that it’s too early to be talking about casting.

MGM/Orion have yet to give the film an official release date.

In a violent, near-apocalyptic Detroit, evil corporation Omni Consumer Products wins a contract from the city government to privatize the police force. To test their crime-eradicating cyborgs, the company leads street cop Alex Murphy into an armed confrontation with crime lord Boddicker so they can use his body to support their untested RoboCop prototype. But when RoboCop learns of the company’s nefarious plans, he turns on his masters.


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