Robert De Niro Could be a New Addition in the Joker Stand Alone Film


Oscar-winning actor Robert De Niro is ready for a challenge, his first comic book movie ever. In his 50 + years as an actor (he’s been acting since he was 20!) De Niro has never taken a role in any kind of superhero or comic book movie. However, the new Joker stand alone film seems to be the exception, with Joaquin Phoenix playing the titular role.

Perhaps this new Joker film appeals to the veteran actor because it is set to be more grounded than any other DC film has been, and its budget is set to be much lower as well. The film’s budget is said to be only around $55 million, which may seem steep but in the comic book movie world, is significantly lower than average. This reflects reports that the film will be more of a realistic crime story than an actual superhero film.

The stand alone film will not feature any other DC or Marvel characters and has been described as more of a “character exploration,” and a “drama” rather than an action-packed adventure film. Early reports described the project as inspired by the early works of Martin Scorsese, like The King of Comedy and Taxi Driver.

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Not much is known about the films plot, or De Niro’s role in the film. According to a report from ThatHashtagShow, if De Niro accepts the role he will be portraying a talk show host, who is somehow involved in the Joker’s creation.

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