Despite rumblings that Star Wars: The Last Jedi writer-director, Rian Johnson would be exiting his original trilogy that he has been developing for Lucasfilm. The filmmaker took to Twitter to reassure fans and debunk those rumors.

Well, Johnson has taken to an even bigger public platform than social media with CinemaCon in Las Vegas where he again reaffirmed on the record his involvement with those upcoming Star Wars films and even hinted that will be his next project once he’s finished with his crime thriller Knives Out starring Daniel Craig and Chris Evans that comes out on November 27th.

Collider and our good pals over at OmegaUnderground (along with others) tweeted out Rian’s Star Wars tease at the event.

I’m sure there is still a sect of Star Wars fans that are upset that he’s still involved with the franchise and that will never be happy with what Lucasfilm chooses to do with it, at this point they feel like a lost cause. Then again, I don’t hold it against anyone that didn’t like the movie people are allowed to like and dislike whatever they want.

Anyways, I’m kind of glad Rian Johnson and Lucasfilm have stuck to their guns and are pushing forward, mainly, because Johnson did end up making a decent film even if people didn’t like the direction he went. Rian was allowed to make bold choices which you kind of want the studio to do, let these filmmakers make bold character choices. What ended up happening is that The Last Jedi didn’t end up a predictable film for fans and that seemed to unnerve a lot of people that had worked themselves up with plot theories they all convinced themselves were going to happen, the mind-cannon confirmations became more important than experiencing the film itself. This sort of brings something up that rarely gets discussed, George Lucas didn’t actually have a set road map for the original trilogy. He tinkered, added, removed, and even made stuff up during the process of that film. Nobody had any idea that Darth Vader would be Luke’s father it was something that sort of shook people at the time because it was unexpected and now everyone wants to jump-the-gun and predict plots/motivations before they even had a chance to watch these movies.

I think what I’m trying to say is that Star Wars isn’t a set thing and the characters change on a whim, people have those impressions because they may have grown up with the books thinking all this stuff was supposed to be this way or that way. Forgetting that Lucas just made it all up and even then, his wife Marcia (also his editor) had a lot to do with keeping in things fans enjoy today such as the Jedi, taking suggestions and input from others not just having one person controlling everything. Star Wars has always been a creative collective even if Lucas was the face of it. I’m not sure where people got the idea that this franchise always had an in-depth gameplan with the characters, Lucas and his team always made stuff up sometimes even on the spot during filming. The prequels were really the only thing he knew ahead of time where those characters would be going across three films because we already had seen where Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader ended up.

Johnson being allowed to create/craft his own corner of the Star Wars universe is something worthwhile as we could finally start getting some new stories and characters that aren’t directly connected to the Skywalker Saga and gives Rian the freedom to make new stuff without all these fan expectations based on months or years of speculation cycles.

With Star Wars Celebration coming later this month in Chicago, we might get some new information about what Rian’s new movies might be tackling. Keeping us in the dark might not be the way to go.


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