The Resident Evil franchise has always been a cash machine despite the iffy quality of the actual films. Constantin Films is moving forward with a reboot of the franchise with an entirely new cast.

Variety now reports that the reboot has landed Johannes Roberts (47 Meters Down) to write and direct the reboot. It remains to be seen how much of the original script from writer Greg Russo will survive these upcoming rewrites from Roberts.

It looks like they want this started quickly and on a budget as Roberts isn’t exactly an in-demand director. The video game had more of a claustrophobic element that was never really captured in the Paul W.S. Anderson films, so there is some hope with a tightened budget they’ll be forced to rely on the horror roots of the game.

James Wan had been originally tapped to produce the film but is absent from this latest report. The previous screenwriter Greg Russo recently revealed his incarnation of the script would be taking influence from the video game Resident Evil 7. Who knows at this point if they’ll stick to that concept with a new writer on board.

Variety also is under the impression filming could begin next year and if that happens we could see a release date in 2020. Horror has always had a quick turn around for the genre’s post-production process.


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