Regal Cinemas To Close All U.S. Theaters In The Wake of Coronavirus – Other Chains Expected To Follow Suit 

Over the weekend, the CDC recommended events to be cancelled with people over 50 for 8 weeks. 

Today, the White House announced an even stricter recommendation moving that number to 10 people and suggesting that this could move into the summer (a realistic assumption). 

This has led to calls to avoid groups at gyms, bars, restaurants, and even movie theaters. 

Regal Cinemas has now announced (via TheHollywoodReporter) they’ll be closing their U.S. theaters after new recommendations to avoid the spread of the coronavirus and likely would telegraph that we won’t be getting film releases in April and possibly even May. 

However, they didn’t give a timeline when they expect to re-open those locations. 

Regal Cinemas, the second-largest movie chain in the United States, will be shutting down all of its locations until further notice amid the coronavirus pandemic. The circuit operates 543 theaters across the country.

The move by Regal followed a White House press conference in which guidance was given for Americans to avoid social gatherings of more than 10 people. 

Other theatre chains (AMC, Landmark, ect) might be making similar announcements in the near future according to the outlet. 

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter they expect most, if not all, cinemas in the U.S. to follow suit in the coming days and go dark, much as in Europe and a parts of Asia. Regal is the first U.S. circuit to make a blanket announcement.

Studios and production companies are also taking this very seriously as most television and film productions have been placed on a two-week hiatus during concerns for the safety of the cast and crews. 

It certainly is an excellent way to enforce social distancing and we could see studios making recent releases more readily available soon on digital platforms. 

We’ll certainly keep posting updates on the situation as they happen. 


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