Deadline was able to speak with Red Sonja director/screenwriter Jill Soloway (Transparent) about her take on the film and how she feels about the female-driven action fantasy project.

SOLOWAY: “I can’t wait. I’m super excited. I get to write it as well, which is really a dream come true. I know it feels different when you compare it to Transparent, but for me, it feels just really very much like it’s coming from the same place.”

“I can really have so much fun with Red Sonja. I see her a little bit more like the first kind of bad girl superhero. Sort of like the Batman of The Dark Knight or Deadpool, you know?”

“The world is changing so much right now for superheroes, that I just really look forward to not only going to the edge of what I’ve ever written and directed before but to the edge of the genre as well.”

I think this speaks to the film being R-rated and more violent than the other female superhero films.

Soloway had been hired to replace Bryan Singer.

Here is the original synopsis for the original 1985 film starring Brigitte Nielsen.

Power-hungry Queen Gedren (Sandahl Bergman) captures the priestesses guarding the Talisman, a mystical orb that created and can destroy the world. But one of the priestesses escapes and seeks out her warrior sister, Red Sonja (Brigitte Nielsen), to warn her about Gedren’s plan for world domination. Lord Kalidor (Arnold Schwarzenegger), the Talisman’s keeper, insists on helping Sonja, and though she scorns the assistance of any man, she soon gains respect for Kalidor’s fighting prowess.

This isn’t the first incarnation of a reboot as Robert Rodriguez was trying to get one going with Rose McGowan in the lead role.


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Soloway is going to turn Sonja into shemale justice warrior with short hair, hairy armpits, big muscles, wearing glasses and dressed in burqa.