Well, it looks like we know why there have been delays concerning the series Judge Dredd: Mega-City One, as rights holders Rebellion Productions will open a studio facility near Oxford, England. The announcement comes from a new article from TheHollywoodReporter, who spoke with the company.

They are said to have set up their own production space because they had issues finding places locally to shoot their upcoming projects. Rebellion Productions’ plan is to shoot Mega-City One there along with Duncan Jones’ upcoming Rogue Trooper movie as well.

Casting announcements concerning the series have yet to be made official, but Karl Urban has been vocal about returning to the titular role of Dredd. The series was said to be set in Mega-City One, but wouldn’t exactly be centered around Judge Dredd telling multiple stories within the massive cyberpunk cityscape.

Moon and Source Code director Duncan Jones officially announced his involvement with the Rogue Trooper movie over the summer.

Rogue Trooper is the sci-fi story of a bleak conflict between factions called the Norts and the Southers, set on the planet Nu-Earth. Rogue is a Genetic Infantryman, or G.I., who goes AWOL to hunt down The Traitor General, who massacred the entire G.I. Regiment; Rogue was the only survivor.

There isn’t word when either would begin production, but this could mean that Rebellion Productions might be announcing a lot more 2000 AD projects with a place to make them now. They’ll likely have to up the number of productions to validate having their own studio facility.


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