At one point Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds script was so big that he had originally planned on turning it into a 12-hour miniseries (similar to a Band of Brothers format), well, instead of that he ended up writing it as a movie and a lot of that original material was sort of simply scrapped because the running time of a feature film.

While speaking with Josh Horowitz on his podcast HappySadConfused, Tarantino revealed one of the sequences from that original incarnation that would have introduced to the black American troop that would have had two sequences originally.

The one he talked about involved how they were introduced as guarding German soldiers with empty guns as they made sure they didn’t escape and were focused on burying the dead bodies on Ohama beach.

HOROWITZ: I have one last quick thing, I know you have to run. Of the material you’ve written over the years that’s never been produced is there one you love the most? A script, a short story, anything you’d like to see the light of day someday in some form?

TARANTINO: “That’s interesting. I don’t know if I’m ever going to do it but my favorite thing that I think that I have written was back when Inglourious Basterds was gonna be a miniseries.”

“It dealt with a whole bunch of black troops in World War II and I had two sequences. The one sequence, in particular, was the sequence that sort of set them up.”

“You’ve heard of The Longest Day? Well, this is after The Longest Day. And part of the job after they got control of Ohama beach, it was the job of the black soldiers to pick up all the dead bodies off the beach and take them over to the burying area. Where the German prisoners were burying the dead American soldiers.”

“And then it was the black soldiers’ job to collect all the bodies, bring them over, and guard the German soldiers. However, the white American officers didn’t give the black soldiers ammo. Now, the German soldiers didn’t know that, but they’re guarding them with empty guns.”

“One, because they didn’t quite trust them with live ammo and two because needed all the live ammo to be fighting the Germans over at the Hedgerows, and that was a twenty-minute sequence.”

The second sequence I feel like Quentin revealed years back when he teased giving the black troop their own spinoff film titled Killer Crow, mention they would have just gone on the warpath in Switzerland killing a whole bunch of Nazis.

Switzerland had been a location used in the original Italian film Inglorious Bastards from 1978, that helped inspire Tarantino to make his own WWII flick and featured Fred Williamson.

In 1944 France, a group of escaped American military prisoners en route to Switzerland volunteers to steal a Nazi V2 rocket warhead for the Allies.

Tarantino is unsure he’ll end up using that sequence but I still think that troop would be interesting to pursue as a miniseries as much as his actual television project Bounty Law would be.


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