HN Entertainment has been able to confirm that Predator 2 cinematographer Peter Levy has joined the production team on the new Fugitive series from Warner Bros. Television for new streaming service Quibi.

The series will be directed by Stephen Hopkins (Predator 2, The Ghost and The Darkness) with Boyd Holbrook (Narcos) and Kiefer Sutherland (The Lost Boys, 24) set to star.

Levy’s other credits include Justified, MacGuyver, 24, John Woo’s Broken Arrow, Lost In Space, Judgement Night, and most recently worked with Hopkins on the upcoming Dark Tower series for Amazon.

Here is some information via TheyHollywoodReporter on the series based on the previous series and the better known Harrison Ford/Tommy Lee Jones feature film.

Written and executive produced by Nick Santora (Prison Break, Scorpion), The Fugitive centers on Mike Ferro (Holbrook), a passenger on an L.A. subway train that is bombed. He just wants to make sure his wife and 10-year-old daughter are safe, but faulty evidence on the ground and “tweet now, confirm later” journalism make it look for all the world like Mike was responsible for the bombing.

Wrongfully — and very publicly — accused, Mike must prove his innocence by finding the real perpetrator before legendary Detective Clay Bryce (Sutherland), who’s heading the investigation, can apprehend him. With the city in a panic and misinformation spreading via social media, Mike’s life and family hang in the balance as he goes on the run.

Filming is said to be underway in Los Angeles, California.

Wrongfully accused of murdering his wife, Richard Kimble (Harrison Ford) escapes from the law in an attempt to find her killer and clear his name. Pursuing him is a team of U.S. marshals led by Deputy Samuel Gerard (Tommy Lee Jones), a determined detective who will not rest until Richard is captured. As Richard leads the team through a series of intricate chases, he discovers the secrets behind his wife’s death and struggles to expose the killer before it is too late.


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