It has been 35 long years since we saw Ralph Macchio as Daniel LaRusso who was being taught karate all while learning life lessons from a sweet but stern sensei in the Karate Kid.

Simon Thompson of Forbes recently sat down with Macchio who is returning to play LaRusso in the pseudo-sequel series Cobra Kai on YouTube Red and he shared that talks of a new film have been discussed but doesn’t look like it will come anytime soon if at all.

“It has been discussed, but it’s not something that I think we’re moving forward with and here’s the reason for that. To go back and try to do a traditional major motion picture sequel, movies have changed in the sense of what plays in the movie theaters and for how long.”

Macchio also expressed that the Karate Kid would face some box offices challenges.

“It’s usually big IPs like superhero movies that get that screen time and then there’s everything else. It’s hard.”

It is hard for me to believe would fail at the box office. The Karate Kid franchise is beloved and the Cobra Kai series success is proving that audiences are still invested with these characters. Karate Kid has an opportunity to be the next Creed (Fun fact John G. Avildsen directed Rocky also directed the first three Karate Kid films). Only time will tell what will ultimately become of the franchise, even post-Cobra Kai.

Macchio starred in three Karate Kid films alongside his sensei and dear friend Pat Morita as Mr. Miyagi. In 1994, the series shifted to a new teenager, this time a female, The Next Karate Kid starred Hilary Swank with Morita once again reprising his role as the sweet mentor Miyagi. Morita sadly passed away back in 2005. In 2010, the franchise received a remake with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. Talks of a sequel have been speculated for years but nothing ever materialized.

Source: Forbes

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