Not too long ago it was reported that Wes Ball coming off the cancellation of his Mouse Guard movie was handed a new Planet of The Apes movie at 20th Century Studios. 

There is now some significant movement as the production team is now being assembled. 

DiscussingFilm has now picked-up on production designer Daniel Dorrance, who worked with director Wes Ball on Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, Maze Runner: The Death Cure, and the cancelled Mouse Guard film. 

HN Entertainment can confirm the accuracy of this information and excited to see if this is truly a “reboot” or continuation pushed much further into the future using a different ape character. 

They also suggest that filming on the new Apes project could begin by the end of the year, but don’t mention any production dates.

Interesting enough, Andy Serkis who played Caesar, was going to have a role in Mouse Guard. There are time jumps and time-travelling in the original films, along with allowing Serkis to play another ape character in the universe possibly Cornelius. 

People might be unaware that actor Roddy McDowall first played Cornelius and then eventually played Caesar in later films.

The original film took place in 3979, which explained the advanced ape society.

This still seems pretty early and Disney/20th Century hasn’t given Planet of The Apes an official release date. 


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