Walt Disney Pictures is really on a roll with their plan to adapt a bulk of their animated film library into live-action films. Another film on the horizon is a live-action version of the 1963 movie The Sword In The Stone from 28 Weeks Later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and Game of Thrones screenwriter Bryan Cogman based on the book by T.H. White.

Pre-production has started as they’ve been assembling a solid crew for the fantasy film.

The classic fable chronicles King Arthur’s humble beginnings. As an orphaned child, Arthur, who was then known as Wart, wants to help his foster brother, Kay, succeed in becoming a knight. While helping Kay train, Wart stumbles upon a cabin belonging to Merlin, a bumbling but talented wizard. Merlin does his best to convince the boy that he is bound for greatness, and when Wart and Kay travel to London to attend a jousting contest, they learn that Merlin was right.


Our friends over at DiscussingFilm have learned that production designer Eugenio Caballero has joined the live-action Disney remake of the classic animated film. A report that HN Entertainment can confirm is correct.


His impressive feature film credits include Roma, Pan’s Labyrinth, The Impossible, and A Monster Calls. Pan’s Labyrinth is the massive standout design-wise and likely the film most applicable to The Sword In The Stone.

I previously revealed at OmegaUnderground that they’ve hired Bumblebee cinematographer Enrique Chediak, who recently worked with Disney on their live-action Lady and The Tramp movie for Disney+.

It still remains to be seen how Ridley Scott’s Merlin prequel based on the string of Merlin Saga novels will figure into all of The Sword In The Stone mythos, as the two projects could theoretically be set in the same cinematic universe if Disney wanted.

The assumption currently is that they could end up filming in the United Kingdom and Spain sometime next year, two very popular European filming locations.

Disney has yet to officially announce a release date for The Sword In The Stone.


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