Sadly, it looks like DiscussingFilm has posted inaccurate crew information concerning their recent rumor that veteran cinematographer Robert Richardson would be working on Matt Reeves’ The Batman. The only problem about this is that nobody told Richardson he’s working on the DC Comics movie as he has debunked their “exclusive” as not true.

Robert spoke to TheHollywoodReporter and it sounds like Robert was once going to work on it for the Ben Affleck incarnation but that was years ago. However, he has zero involvement with this current incarnation.

Cinematographer Robert Richardson is denying news that he is set to shoot The Batman. Reports spread Wednesday on genre movie news sites that director Matt Reeves had tapped the three-time Oscar-winner for the job.

“I’m not shooting The Batman. … I have never met with Matt Reeves,” Richardson told The Hollywood Reporter during an interview Thursday for an upcoming Behind the Screen podcast about his latest film, Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. “I woke up this morning to a slew of text messages, ‘Congratulations, I didn’t know you were shooting Batman.’ I was highly perplexed,” he said. “The closest part of reality is that when Ben Affleck was going to direct, I was going to shoot. But I don’t know how that got moved into this space.”

Sorry to get your hopes up but it doesn’t look that will be happening.


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