Grifters online are trying to claim a piece of Deadpool 2 concept artwork featuring X-Men villain Omega Red is from the Disney+ series The Falcon & The Winter Soldier.

In reality, it is art made for the Deadpool sequel from Canadian concept artist Andrew Domachowski. 

Andrew is a concept art has worked on films such as Pacific Rim: Uprising, Aladdin, and Gears of Wars 4. 

Here is a batch of his Deadpool 2 concept artwork from Andrew’s ArtStation page which includes alternative designs of Omega Red (role seemingly cut back drastically), Juggernaut with various helmets and costume combos, the Janelle Monáe version of Domino, and Brad Pitt version of Cable along with a different outfit. 

While Brad Pitt didn’t ultimately play Cable in the film he did end up doing a brief cameo as The Vanisher when he is electrocuted.

When it comes to Deadpool 3, Ryan Reynolds confirmed last year that the project is officially in development stages at Marvel Studios after the Deadpool franchise officially moved from 20th Century to Marvel. 

Ryan had previously teased on Instagram that Deadpool 3 could be ready to be released in Phase Five. 


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