Our friends at AVPGalaxy spotted some interesting Alien news. They noticed that a new trademark filing might have revealed the name of the upcoming Alien video game is Alien: Blackout. The trademark is specifically for a video game release.

Nothing is really known about the plot or direction of the new video game. Will it be a semi-sequel to Alien: Isolation? Another attempt at an Aliens game? Could it be a game adaptation of unmade Alien film projects? Might it be a brand new thing?

All that is really known is that it will be a shooter, which sort of throws out the idea this will be another survival game. The game developer Cold Irons Studios website confirmed this aspect as they’re currently seeking game developers and artists to work on their Alien game which they call a “shooter for PC and consoles”. It’s exciting to think they might actually make a decent shooter set in the Alien universe after how terribly received that Aliens: Colonial Marines was.

I’m half expecting Call of Duty in the Aliens Universe.

Hideo Kojima teased on social media that he visited 20th Century Fox posing with Alien stuff. A cool factoid, his former employers Konami actually released an Aliens video game in 1990. I’m not entirely sure if this is connected to the video game or it’s more likely movie related since it’s the film division. Kojima might be attempting to talk to the studio about turning his upcoming game Death Stranding into a film or maybe moving Metal Gear Solid from Sony to Fox. Just a guessing game concerning this post, but he’s great at stirring up rumors.

There isn’t any concrete information of when the game could be announced or released.


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