From the initial reveal of what HBO’s upcoming Watchmen series is about, it was clear that this wouldn’t be quite like the comic like many thought going in. Now it appears that we’ve been given more a peak into this new Watchmen world through some leaked set photos. At least one of these photos reveals the fate of a known character, so spoilers ahead.


The first image shows the American flag on the side of a Taxi cab, and it looks quite different. First off there’s one giant star in the middle of the blue section and the other stars now form 2 circles around it. Also, this may be a miscount, but it seems that there are 51 stars, meaning that the larger new star is a new part of the US. What could this mean? Maybe in the events Watchmen led to Washington DC gaining full statehood and the government deems it more important than the rest, or maybe the US gained another larger territory that justifies the larger star, we’ll see when more comes out.


The Next image is a sign that appears to be a shelter from the Giant Squid that Ozymandias unleashed on the world in the comics. This seems to imply that no one outside of the Crime Busters ever learned the truth about the Squid, as this seems to be a while later and they’re treating it like an alien threat that can return.

The final image is the most telling, as it seems to show the fate of one of the original Watchmen characters. It shows a newspaper, who’s main headline reads “Veidt Officially Declared Dead.” This points to Adrian Veidt, AKA Ozymandias being dead at the start of this series. However, this could very well not be the case. It could also be that he faked his death and they never found a body so they declared him dead officially after the search ended.

All these signs could point towards unveiling the truth of Adrian’s plan being a driving force of the show. Only time will tell what these photos end up meaning for the series.

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