New ‘Venom 2’ Set Photos Confirm Woody Harrelson Got A Wig Upgrade To Play Cletus Kasady

The England leg of the shoot for Venom 2 has completed and last week they started their exterior shots for the film in San Francisco, California.

Tom Hardy previously posted an image of Woody Harrelson as Cletus Kasady on the set and we get the best look at Woody’s character thanks to new images.

New set photos from the San Francisco set posted by JustJared confirms that Woody Harrelson has switched wigs to play Cletus Kasady, the human host of the symbiote villain Carnage.

You can see they ditched the big curly wig they used at the end of the original film.

Andy Serkis directed from a script penned by screenwriter Kelly Marcel.

It remains to be seen if the sequel will directly connect to the main Spider-Man films as Morbius will do, which had been confirmed with the introduction of Michael Keaton’s Vulture in the trailer.

Venom 2 will see Eddie Brock and Venom face a new threat that being Venom’s murderous spawn Carnage and his partner-in-crime Shriek played by Skyfall’s Naomie Harris.

Sony Pictures has given Venom 2 a release date of October 2nd.


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