It was recently announced that Netflix will be moving forward with a live-action streaming series based on the fan-favorite anime show Cowboy Bebop. We now have a bit of a production update to share as the production is now seemingly trying to figure out where they’ll be filming it. HN Entertainment has learned that Netflix is now currently figuring out where they’ll end up shooting the series and the locales currently vary.

They include Spain, New Zealand, Australia, and even Montreal, Canada. Each planet in the anime show has a different look to it which could explain the many different countries being looked at. Unlike a show like Altered Carbon, they travel around a lot.

Filming is still expected to begin in April (wrapping in September) and casting announcements are likely coming soon as character breakdowns for the role were recently released by ThatHashtagShow.

The original anime follows a group of rag-tag intergalactic bounty hunters.

in Netflix has yet to announce when they’ll drop the entire first season of Cowboy Bebop since they’ll need the whole thing completed before that can happen and it sounds like the show will have a lot of post-production involved due to the scale and science fiction elements.


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