In the summer, I revealed at OmegaUnderground that Altered Carbon’s second season would indeed return to shoot in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada with its production start in February. Adding in October that filming dates will be February 4th to June 25th. 

There is a brand new update to share as they’ve added a surprising film location. We have learned that Altered Carbon could be crossing the pond and shoot an undisclosed amount of scenes in the United Kingdom. The city in question is Surrey, the home of multiple British studio sound stages used for both film and television productions. This is only a rumor for the moment and we will try to track down what facility they might be using. 

Takeshi Kovacs wakes up after 250 years in hibernation. He is now in a different body, a fact made possible by modern technology. Humans are able to upload their profile into a device embedded in their bodies, a “stack”. This allows humans to be immortal, as long as their stack is not damaged: if their body, or “sleeve”, dies they can transfer themselves into a new sleeve and continue existing. The recently-murdered Laurens Bancroft, one of the wealthiest people in the world, now hires Kovacs to find out who murdered him.

Captain America/Avengers actor Anthony Mackie was officially announced to takeover the role of Takeshi Kovacs from Joel Kinnaman. 

An air date has yet to be made official but the fall of 2019 makes sense. 


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