TheHollywoodReporter has learned that Netflix is upping their Asian-set anime content and are developing a wave of new films/series. Two of them will be a feature anime film based on their existing live-action series Altered Carbon, which is getting a second series starring Captain America/Avengers actor Anthony Mackie. Another is an anime series set within the Pacific Rim universe focusing a new group of characters.

Netflix is furthering its global push. At the company’s first ever content showcase in Asia, the streamer unveiled a collection of new original series and films from Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and South Korea.

The projects — which include a Pacific Rim anime series and an Altered Carbon anime feature — join one-hundred new and returning originals across eight countries in Asia through 2019, as Netflix increases its investment in Asian stories and storytellers. 

Here are the breakdowns of the two Netflix anime projects.

Pacific Rim. Returning to the epic battle of Kaiju and Jeagers, this original anime series will expand upon the story of the first two live-action movies and follow two siblings — an idealistic teenage boy and his naïve younger sister — who are forced to pilot an abandoned Jaeger across a hostile landscape in a desperate attempt to find their missing parents. Co-showrunners: Craig Kyle (Thor: Ragnarok) and Greg Johnson (X-Men: Evolution). Production Company: Legendary Entertainment (Kong: Skull Island; Pokemon: Detective Pikachu).

Altered Carbon. This anime feature, set in the same universe of the Netflix live-action sci-fi series (second season in production from Skydance Television), will explore new elements of the story mythology. Writer: Dai Sato (Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo) and Tsukasa Kondo. Animation Studio: Anima.


These sound extremely interesting and my own interest will likely come down to the animation style they’ll end up going for. Cause there are plenty of projects given the label of ”anime” but don’t exactly have those traditional stylistic characteristics.

When these anime projects will be dropping on Netflix has yet to be revealed.


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