Despite a grim report from Deadline earlier today, Variety and io9 are not ready to call the deal dead for Spider-Man between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios as sources suggest that negotiations between the two parties are still “ongoing” and a deal could be reached.

As per Variety, they suggest a deal could be reached.

If a deal cannot be reached, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige will not produce future Spider-Man films, effectively removing Tom Holland’s Spider-Man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

One source said that a deal might still be reached between Disney and Sony but there are no talks currently going on. 

However, io9 sounds a little more optimistic saying that negotiations are still happening.

This whole situation most certainly could be posturing by the two sides and that they might come to a certain agreement eventually, but as it stands things are on shaky ground and fans are rightful to be worried about Marvel Studios pulling-out.

Conflicting information isn’t anything new concerning deals like this, but I’m sure we’ll end up getting some clarification over the next couple of weeks/months.

Spider-Man: Far From Home earning over a billion dollars and ending on a cliffhanger would suggest that nobody would be waiting too long before another movie is made.



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