Netflix’s Narcos series is easily one of it’s best and most popular on the streaming service and Narcos: Mexico has opened an entirely new saga for them to cover. It sounds like they have big plans and will be continuing the show indefinitely.

TheHollywoodReporter spoke with showrunner Eric Newman and star Diego Luna about the future of the series, which is now focused on telling the stories of the Mexican cartels pivoting from Colombia. Luna seems to think there is enough material to pursue another five seasons.

There is a lot that happens after this. In terms of material, Narcos has a chance to deliver another five seasons to try to get to today, because there is so much that happens after this season ends. This is the angle of Mexico, but you can see the same issues from the angle of Europe and, really, the complicated part of this is is that it’s a global issue. 

Without spoiling too much about the current season it’s sort of lined-up that Scoot McNairy’s DEA Agent character will pursue the Guadalajara Cartel in the fifth season.

I’ve previously reported at OmegaUnderground that the fifth season has already been greenlit by Netflix (although, Eric and Diego are saying it’s not) and they’re currently ironing-out production shoot details, expected to start up very soon. I won’t be revealing any locations or times, due to the dangerous nature of the series and put the cast/crew at risk by revealing any of that information publicly. Diego Luna is expected to jump back into the role of Felix before returning to the Star Wars universe as Cassian Andor for Lucasfilm’s prequel series at Disney+. That show is said to begin filming next year and once Luna is finished with filming his second season of Narcos: Mexico.

Narcos: Mexico is currently ready for streaming and I wouldn’t be terribly shocked if the next season will be ready for next fall.


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