A new tweet from TheHashtagShow’s Charles Murphy is suggesting that the Marvel Studios series Ms. Marvel for Disney+ could actually begin filming sooner than previously expected.

Charles claims that Ms. Marvel under the working title of Jersey (a nod to Kamala Khan’s home state in the comics) will begin shooting sometime during April and the location could be Atlanta, Georgia (where The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is set to shoot).

However, this information has yet to be confirmed.

There have been previous rumblings that casting for the Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel is said to be already underway. This April shoot could explain why casting is happening this early as there had been previous information pointing towards a fall 2020 production start.

In the comics, Kamala Khan is an inhuman superhero, but it remains to be seen if Marvel Studios will indeed pursue that angle despite some early rumors.

Khan takes over the former superhero name of Ms. Marvel, previously used by Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel. Someone that Kamala is inspired by.

Ms. Marvel would be both the first lead South Asian (Kamala’s family is from Pakistan) and Muslim female character in the MCU.

Disney+ launches on November 12th, but The Falcon and The Winter Soldier won’t be big airing on the streaming service until next fall.

Other live-action shows on the way from Marvel Studios include WandaVision aka Big Red, Loki aka River Cruise, Hawkeye, She-Hulk, and Moon Knight aka Good Faith.

Episodes according to TheHollywoodReporter are budgeted at $25 million a pop.

Kevin Feige was recently announced as the new Chief Creative Officer of Marvel, which now means we’ll be overseeing film, television, animation, and the publishing side.


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