Our pals over at the Italian outlet BadTaste were able to speak with actor Michael Fassbender during the junket for Dark Phoenix and were able to ask him about his future in the Alien franchise. Mainly, about if he’d be willing to keep playing the character of David in future Alien projects.

FASSBENDER: “I’d love to. I just absolutely love working with Ridley and it was a real moment for me. When I stepped onto the set of Prometheus and got to work with him, and yeah I love the character. It’s a lot of fun, so yeah.” 

Interesting enough, last we heard from former 20th Century Fox studio head Stacey Snider that Ridley Scott and Emma Watts (now overseeing the studio for Disney’s Alan Horn) were trying to hash out ideas together for the Alien franchise after Alien: Covenant failed to match the box office success of Prometheus. Although nothing on the film side has really made itself known since the Disney-Fox merger.

Meanwhile, Ridley Scott is currently focusing on his young Merlin movie for Disney and could begin shooting this fall in the United Kingdom.

Post-merger, Disney’s presentation at CinemaCon and recent statements about keeping stuff at 20th Century Fox R-rated (Kingsman and Deadpool being highlighted as priorities) have suggested they’d like to continue both the Alien and Predator franchises, but how that will look is another thing entirely. I know there are plenty of Alien fans that would love to see Ridley Scott at least get to finish his prequels with at least making Alien: Awakening, but that remains to be seen. Along with a potential resurrection of sorts of Sigourney Weaver’s Alien 5, a project championed previously by Aliens director James Cameron on multiple occasions.

Thanks again to BadTaste, and you can watch their brief interview clip below.


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