Paramount Pictures has given a release date for their upcoming action film Without Remorse that will star Michael B. Jordan (Black Panther, Creed) and directed by Stefano Sollima (Sicario: Day of Soldado). According to Deadline, the studio has given the CIA action thriller the release date of September 18, 2020.

Clark, aka John Terrence Kelly, is an ex-Navy-SEAL-turned-operations-officer for the CIA who has appeared in 17 novels starting with 1988’s “The Cardinal of the Kremlin.” Though mainly seen as a secondary character who helps CIA analyst Jack Ryan with the physical elements of missions, Clark finally stepped into the spotlight with “Without Remorse,” which tells his backstory on how he came to work for the CIA.

The book the film is based on is from author Tom Clancy takes place in the same world as the Jack Ryan series as Clark interacts with Ryan in the film Clear and Present Danger and was previously played by Willem Defoe.

I’m a little curious if this Clark franchise might allow for John Krasinski’s Jack Ryan to eventually appear in these movies as Paramount is behind the popular Amazon series.

It was recently reported that Sicario screenwriter Taylor Sheridan (Wind River, Hell or High Water) would be doing writes on the film before it goes into production.

Production dates are currently unknown but this release date would suggest a possible summer/fall start.


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