It looks like Universal Pictures is still keen to make a feature film reboot of Battlestar Galactica according to TheWrap. They report that Jay Basu will tackle a new draft of the film’s script. His credits include Charlie’s Angels, Metal Gear Solid, and The Girl In The Spider’s Web. A feature film based on the science fiction television series has been in the works for ages.

Jay Basu has been tapped to rewrite the screenplay for “Battlestar Galactica,” Universal Pictures’ reimagining of the 1978 television series created by Glen Larson, individuals with knowledge of the project exclusively tell TheWrap.

The story of how the Twelve Colonies of Mankind are destroyed after 1,000 years of war with the evil Cylon Empire. Through deceit, the Cylons are able to destroy the Colonies’ entire fleet, except for the Battlestar Galactica, captained by Commander Adama.

Westworld’s Lisa Joy had previously written a draft.

Universal has tapped Red Sparrow and Hunger Games director Francis Lawrence to helm.

At one time, Bryan Singer was attached to direct before his sexual assault allegations came into the spotlight. It’s unknown when filming could begin on Battlestar Galactica but it’ll likely be due to when this new draft is completed.


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