Thanks to a very profitable week from Captain Marvel, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has crossed $18 billion at the global box office after 21 releases. A landmark for the studio as it inches closer the end of Phase 3 and there is a very good chance that it could close-out Phase 3 in the $20 billion range once Avengers: Endgame releases and it’s looking like it’ll have a strong opening weekend.

Captain Marvel (currently has earned $541 million worldwide) is very likely going be yet another billion dollar hit for the studio and might hit that mark by sometime in April as the movie looks to cross $700-800 million by next week, with a projected $70-80 million second domestic weekend and could keep making big bucks in foreign markets (outpacing both Rogue One and Black Panther in China).

The projections for Avengers: Endgame’s opening week is also optimistic via BoxOfficePro as it ranges from $250-290 million (zeroing in on $265 million via BOP or $282 million via Exhibitor Relations), it would be comparable to Infinity War’s domestic opening of $257.6 million and could end up more in that higher range of $290 million. It’s seemingly assured that Endgame will be another $2 billion dollar hit given the film’s anticipation.

Phase 3 will certainly end on a high note concerning box office returns.

Avengers: Endgame is set for release on April 26th.


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