It was recently reported that Sony Pictures had hired Men In Black: International screenwriters Art Marcum and Matt Holloway to do some rewrites on their Masters of The Universe screenplay, that had a previous draft worked on by the Nee Brothers, who are set to direct the reboot.

There might be another production update concerning when the project could actually begin filming. ProductionWeekly says that filming on Masters of The Universe is expected to start mid-July in Prague, Czech Republic.

After multiple hiccups and production delays, I’d love to believe this is going to be a solid start date, but it’s possible they might not hit that target and Prague could easily become Budapest. Then again, it’s possible this could happen and the studio seems gung-ho to get this made.

The rewrites from Art Marcum and Matt Holloway hopefully remove all the bizarre plot/character details that had leaked including some oddball incarnations of the characters in previous versions including Skeletor being Adam’s brother and weird liberties being taken with Orko as well.

A next big step would likely be the finding an actor who can play Adam/He-Man and I’ve been curious if Sony will consider reaching out to Chris Hemsworth, who has previously starred in Sony’s Ghostbusters and their upcoming spin-off Men In Black: International.

There is a good chance that Chris Hemsworth might be done with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Thor role after the events of Avengers: Endgame giving him an opening to jump on another studio franchise. Also, He-Man is a beefy hardbody and how many well-known actors out there have the stature of the character that shares the global audience awareness of Hemsworth?

Sony Pictures has yet to announce an official release date for Masters of The Universe, but it could be out sometime in 2020.


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