Marvel Studios is branching out with television shows that will directly interlink with feature films and help usher-in characters/story elements to Phase 4.

With Moon Knight aiming for a late summer/fall shoot in the UK (Pinewood Studios UK) and Ms Marvel rumored to start filming in Atlanta in April, there is now an update of sorts on when the next Marvel Studios series She-Hulk could begin shooting. 

Charles Murphy is claiming that She-Hulk could be targeting a production start as early as this July in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Next up: She-Hulk, which I have learned is planning to begin production in Atlanta in July.

One of the only concrete things we do know about She-Hulk is that Emmy-winner Jessica Gao from Rick & Morty is the lead writer of the MCU series. 

The last major character to be co-created by Stan Lee, She-Hulk is Jennifer Walters, an attorney and cousin of Bruce Banner, aka The Hulk. An emergency blood transfusion from her cousin gave Walters her powers but unlike Banner/Hulk, She-Hulk was able to keep her intelligence and personality when she Hulked out.

The Falcon & The Winter Soldier and WandaVision are currently shooting in Atlanta with Loki set to begin shooting soon there as well as it’s currently in the pre-production phase. 

Marvel Studios has yet to announce the leads Moon Knight, Ms Marvel, and She-Hulk which should be coming soon as they’ve been casting for a while now. We could end up learning their choices in the next couple of weeks/months. 

It remains to be seen if we’ll see Hulk/Professor Hulk/Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo), Thunderbolt Ross (William Hurt), or Betty Ross (Liv Tyler rumored to show up) in the series. But there is a chance given that the these Disney+ shows are said to interlink with the movies.

An air date for She-Hulk has yet to be announced but if it is indeed shooting this summer it begin airing on Disney+ in 2021.


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