Marvel Studios has a bunch of live-action shows shooting this year with Loki just starting up in Atlanta, Georgia along with Hawkeye, She-Hulk and Ms Marvel also expected to shoot there starting in the summer. 

Their Moon Knight series has been confirmed to film mostly in the United Kingdom, but HN Entertainment has now learned that a portion of the Marvel series will be shot in the United States. 

We are currently assuming this will take place in New York City. 

Considering that Marc Spector aka Moon Knight is well-known as a superhero based in New York City this isn’t shocking, but still, a production update none the less given we know that filming will be primarily happening in England. 

When Moon Knight will begin shooting hasn’t been confirmed, but a possible start in the fall/winter would make sense with a bunch of shows filming over the summer.

Jeremy Slater (Umbrella Company, Fantastic Four) will be the head writer of Moon Knight with fellow writer Beau DeMayo (The Witcher) announcing his involvement on Twitter. 

The hero is ostensibly Marc Spector, a mercenary who has numerous after egos – cabbie Jake Lockley and millionaire playboy Steven Grant – in order to better fight the criminal underworld. But later he was established as being a conduit for the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. Most recently, he was a consultant who dresses in all-white and goes by the name Mr. Knight.

We also recently confirmed that Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness will be returning to the stages of Longcross Studios in Surrey, England. Director Sam Raimi is reportedly in talks to replace Scott Derrickson on the sequel with production expected to begin in May. 

The next big step for Moon Knight will be announcing a director and cast. 

Actor Daniel Radcliffe has now commented on those casting rumors to ComingSoon, “debunking” he was wanted or in the mix for the Marc Spector/Moon Knight role. 

RADCLIFFE: “If I was ever to go back into a franchise, I think the bar for that script would be even higher than anything else.” 

“Before you can sign on to being in anything for multiple years, you have to be sure you’re really going to love it all the time. I’m not averse to doing any kind of franchise thing in the future again, that could be fun. But the Moon Knight rumors are untrue, I can officially debunk that one, I haven’t heard anything about it.”

There was a report the other day that a Disney+ launch event will be taking place in London, England on March 5th which could mean we might be getting some updates on upcoming Marvel Studios shows from Kevin Feige. 

That information could include when we might expect Moon Knight to begin airing on Disney+ since they haven’t officially announced a target month or season for it. 

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