Interesting enough, when Kevin Feige mentioned that Doctor Strange was partly the reason behind Blade happening that wasn’t shocking to me. Given that Blade and Strange have teamed-up in the pages of Midnight Sons along with helping to put together his other team the Nightstalkers.

I don’t personally think Midnight Sons will end up being used for a super team when something like Nightstalkers works slightly better and is gender-neutral allowing female characters into the fold.

What I think is so amazing about the Stephen Norrington and Guillermo del Toro films is that the underground society of vampires embedded within human politicians those movies establish vampires as a criminal empire until things went off the rails with those blood farms. The vampire owned blood banks worked just fine I don’t think they needed to the do the human farming thing.

When Marvel looks to reboot Blade I hope they consider keeping some of the vampire hierarchy in place and having them basically running criminal syndicates throughout the world.

Blade himself is part of a larger Marvel comic book franchise titled The Tomb of Dracula, which could open the door for more of those vampire hunter characters to make appearances. Not to mention a whole wave of horror characters that have teamed-up with or faced against Blade over the years.

Here is a rundown of characters I’d like to see appear in these Blade movies.


HANNIBAL KING: A private detective that was turned into a vampire by Deacon Frost while working on a case in London, England. The comic book version is very different from his feature film counterpart played by Ryan Reynolds in Blade Trinity.

Hannibal King might be an excellent surrogate for a character like Morbius (a Sony Pictures character) and like Blade isn’t going around killing people because of their thirst. They would team-up on many occasions including on teams such as the Nightstalkers (sort of formed by Doctor Strange) and Midnight Sons.

HUMAN VAMPIRE HUNTERS: In the comics, Blade has a bunch of fellow vampire hunters besides Abraham Whistler from the Tomb of Dracula comics, which include Rachel Van Helsing the granddaughter of Abraham Van Helsing, Quincy Harker, and Taj Nital.

Apparently, in the comic books, Blade has a girlfriend named Safron Caulder who is a showgirl. I’m sure Marvel could beef-up a character like this to be more than just a love interest possibly a fellow vampire hunter.

There is also Jamal Afari, who also seemingly taught Blade about killing vampires and could possibly inform a new version of Whistler for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Personally, I’d love to see Sam Elliott play the new Whistler.

FRANK DRAKE: The former millionaire human descendant of Count Dracula, is partly to blame for the resurrection of Dracula and becomes a vampire hunter himself.

Frank is a member of the Nightstalkers, Midnight Sons, and was a supporting character in the Tomb of Dracula comics.

He’s also teamed up with Doctor Strange and Brother Voodoo in various comics.


JACK RUSSELL AKA WEREWOLF BY NIGHT: An interesting supporting character would be Jack Russell, who turns into a heroic werewolf.

The character showed up in a deleted scene for Blade Trinity with Jack in a casino but seemingly was cut because the werewolf makeup/suit looked pretty bad.

He becomes a ranking member of SHIELD’s revamped monster roster on Nick Fury’s Howling Commandos, which had Blade as a team member in the cartoon incarnations.

JENNIFER KALE: A member of the Midnight Sons, Jennifer is a witch/sorceress who could be a bridge character between Blade and Doctor Strange allowing for more of the magic/supernatural elements of the horror side of the comics to inhabit the Blade franchise.

She also had a role in the Marvel Zombies run.




DEACON FROST: Frost is one of the most recognizable Blade villains thanks to the original film, but in the comics was drawn as an older man with a white beard. However, I think because of the “forever young” appeal of vampirism in movies at the time a young fresh-faced Deacon Frost worked.

I’d kind of love to see turned vampires in the franchise around their 20-30s.

If you don’t know, Frost is the vampire that bit Eric Books’ mother Tara which should have killed the unborn child but instead turned him into a daywalker. A vampire that is impervious to sunlight, garlic, and silver. It also seemingly made him slightly stronger and faster than even pureblood vamps.

THE BLOODPACK: I believe created by David S. Goyer strictly for Blade II, the team of vampires had been training to track and kill Blade in a similar fashion to how he hunts vampires.

I think it would be kind of neat to see Blade having to tangle with a vampire black ops group made up of characters pulled from vampire sects all over the globe instead of being forced to work alongside them.


Members of the Bloodpack includes the following.

  • Dieter Reinhardt
  • Snowman
  • Verlaine
  • Chupa
  • Priest.
  • Lighthammer
  • Nyssa Damaskinos
  • Asad

LILITH DRAKE: The daughter of Dracula, Lilith has never really had a live-action adaption and would certainly deserve one. I wouldn’t be shocked if she is combined with Lilith, Mother of All Demons into a single character sharing the name.

You could also add her brother Janus Tepes, the son of Dracula that could be another vampiric foe for Blade.



COUNT DRACULA: I get the impression that Marvel Studios might want to steer clear of Dracula unless they attempt to use the version from X-Men which didn’t directly mimic the look of the Universal Monsters incarnation and had more of an ancient warrior character design.

Also, after the horrible use of the character in Blade Trinity, I’m not sure we need to have Dracula with various surrogates and children running around in the comics.

VARNAE THE LORD OF VAMPIRES: A vampire lord that predate Count Dracula and could be excellent surrogates for the first couple of installments. Possibly making him an elder of vampire clan or main pureblood in the new franchise.

Carl Blake aka Night Terror is a former CIA operative and assassin that was given vampire abilities and was later possessed by Varnae The Lord of Vampires.


DR. MICHAEL MORBIUS: Director Stephen Norrington plays Morbius in a deleted scene with the character standing on top of a building during sunrise from the original 1998 movie, which was meant to set up the living vampire for the second film.

Sony Pictures is in post-production on a live-action solo movie featuring the living vampire Morbius starring Jared Leto. Morbius is one of the biggest crossover horror characters in the comics and would certainly make sense to show up in the Blade movies, however, if they bring him into the MCU that would automatically mean that the Sony movies featuring him would automatically become MCU canon.

Kevin Feige doesn’t strike me as the type of person to allow other studios to play in his sandbox when he wouldn’t have any control over quality or direction.

JOHNNY BLAZE AKA GHOST RIDER: As much as I’d like to see Ghost Rider show up in Blade movies as a crossover would make a lot of sense. I think that might be asking a little too much given that the upcoming Hulu series will be attempting to focus on Robbie Reyes version and it remains to be seen if even that incarnation of the character will ever show up in the films.

I’m excited to see what Mahershala Ali brings to the role and who they end up hiring to write/direct the film. Considering it looks to be a Phase 5 movie I’m pretty sure it’ll be aiming for a 2022 release date and that would mean a shoot possibly taking place in 2021.

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