Marvel Studios has seemingly broken another barrier with their film Black Panther, as the comic book film has landed a historic seven Oscar nominations including the very first Best Picture Oscar nomination for a comic book film.

While we all knew it would hit a bunch of technical nominations it’s extremely impressive that it did end up earning a Best Picture nod. It has some stiff competition against films like The Favourite, Vice, and others, so fans might need to keep expectations at a reasonable level for Oscar night. The chances of it actually winning are slightly slim, but I’d be happy if it did win.

Also earning nominations for their excellent work on the film includes composer Ludwig Goransson, costume designer Ruth E. Carter, along with production designer Hannah Beachler and set designer Jay Hart.

The entire list of Black Panther’s nominations included the following.

*Best Picture

*Best Score

*Best Production Design

*Best Costume Design

*Best Song

*Best Sound Mixing

*Best Sound Editing

You can read the full list of nominees here.

Not only has the film been a critical hit, but Black Panther would also go on to earn an impressive $1.3 billion at the global box office becoming a cultural landmark. Busting an old Hollywood myth reinforced for decades that foreign audiences won’t pay to see a mostly non-white cast leading a Hollywood blockbuster, that myth has certainly been busted.

A Black Panther sequel is currently in early development phases from writer-director Ryan Coogler and is estimated to go into production sometime in early 2020, possibly for a 2021 release date on February 18th.

It’s completely unknown who from the original cast will be returning and even less known about the film’s villains or plot.


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