Deadline is reporting that Tom Hardy’s Venom sequel Venom 2 will add Marvel Comics villain Frances Barrison aka Skriek to help out Woody Harrelson’s Carnage, the two villains were romantically involved and part of the Maximum Carnage storyline.

It looks like Carnage will have company in Sony’s upcoming Venom sequel. The Marvel Comics character called Shriek has been incorporated into the plot of the Venom sequel (due in theaters on Oct. 2, 2020), according to two sources close to the project.

A drug dealer named Frances Barrison became the volatile Shriek after severe trauma allow her latent mutant powers to emerge. In the comics, those powers include sonic energy blasts, flight, and the ability to stir up dark and violent emotions in others.

Shriek might be a mutant, but she debuted in the Spider-Man comics.

Other Spider-Man baddies aligned with Carnage/Shriek include Carrion, Demogoblin, and Doppelganger. It remains to be seen if they’ll be showing up in the film and if it will actually be an adaptation of Maximum Carnage or simply set it up.

I’ve been vocal in the past that Sony should lead up to an event film based on Maximum Carnage, as the good guy team had Spider-Man, Venom, Black Cat, Morbius (played by Jared Leto), and others among the ranks.

Venom 2 will shoot next year at Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden in Watford, England.

Jared Leto’s Morbius movie is the next Spider-Man spinoff and will in theaters on July 31st, 2020. Leto playing Dr. Michael Morbius, a blood doctor trying to cure himself of a blood disease only to turn himself in a living vampire when an experiment goes wrong.

Sony Pictures has given Venom 2 a release date of October 2nd, 2020.


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