TheHollywoodReporter has revealed what we all assumed was going to happen with the exit of Marvel Television’s Jeph Loeb after Kevin Feige was upped to Marvel’s chief creative officer (Now has creative control over film, television, publishing, and animation) as Marvel Television will now be folded into Marvel Studios (becoming one entity).

Loeb is said to be remaining until the transition has completed refuting previous claims he would be out during the Thanksgiving holidays last month.

The TV arm of Marvel Entertainment is being folded into Marvel Studios unit. Current development — Hulu’s slate of animated comedies and live-action drama Helstrom — will remain on course. However, no further development will come from the unit overseen by Jeph Loeb. The exec, who launched Marvel into live-action scripted TV originals as head of Marvel Television, will remain on board during the transition. It’s unclear when Loeb’s last day is. His departure from Marvel has been expected since late October.

Layoffs are expected but some key people will move over to Marvel Studios.

This news wasn’t surprising given that Feige already has announced eight shows for Disney+ and more are expected. Not to mention the massive wave of cancellations that started with the Netflix shows including Jessica Jones and Daredevil.

What normally happens when a new head of creative takes on a role at a network or film studio they completely wipe-the-slate-clean of projects the other guy was developing or has their name on. With all live-action television shows will be overseen by Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios, there really isn’t an incentive to continue Loeb’s shows with him leaving the company and Feige taking the reins.

This would likely crush any ideas fans had of Kevin Feige resurrecting the Netflix shows (along with other Loeb era ones that have been cancelled) and bringing back actors to those roles as their contracts will now be ash since Marvel Television no longer exists.

I wouldn’t be holding on the to hope that Feige brings shows like Daredevil or Agents of SHIELD out of the grave when he could make his own hard-canon versions instead with reboots or insert certain characters in the films instead (a new MCU version of Daredevil being paired up with Black Widow in a sequel of the 2020 film could be exciting).

Feige could be interested in the characters but resurrecting those shows seems like wishful thinking at this point. I know changing people’s mind on that is going to be tough given their emotional attachment to those shows.

The volume of cancellations of the live-action shows was an early red flag that it was the end of both the Loeb era and Marvel Television, what happens next is a little less clear as the studio seemingly is focused only on shows for Disney+ and considering their pricetag unlikely to be shown on ABC.

Kevin Feige also made a sweeping revelation over the weekend at CCXP 2019, suggesting his Disney+ Marvel shows would be the first to “interlink with the MCU” having it on the big and small screen for “the first time”. This seems to suggest the Jeph Loeb shows were not interlinked with the MCU (despite being marketed that way by Loeb) along with distancing the MCU branding from the old-guard of Marvel Television and he’s now driving the ship along with making those creative calls as the company’s new chief creative officer (announced back in mid-October).

Hulu’s Helstrom will be the final live-action series from Loeb/Marvel Television era. However, I would be shocked if that lasted longer than a single season.

Also, it looks like the mature animated shows for Hulu will be spared after all, even after recent hiccups with the showrunner/writing staff on Tigra & Dazzler.


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