Another somber trailer has dropped for Avengers: Endgame and it certainly feels like the 22nd MCU film is going to be ending a lot of chapters for certain characters. The surviving team looks weary and desperate, as they keep repeating “whatever it takes” suggesting they might be willing to get their hands dirty.


The surviving members include Bruce Banner/Hulk, Rocket Racoon, Captain America, Hawkeye/Ronin, War Machine, Black Widow, Ant-Man, and Thor (Captain Marvel expected to join their ranks eventually, Thor quips he likes her). Marooned in outer space is Tony Stark and Nebula, while Thanos is likely tending to his crops.

We also see Hawkeye teaching his daughter archery, which looks to be before the snap occurred.

The white space uniforms or whatever they end up becoming are also finally confirmed, after people tried to say concept artwork that included those uniforms were actually fan-made, well, they’re not official as they were before at the time they leaked.

At the very end, we see them all walking towards something in the hanger bay, possibly a space ship? It would make sense as Nebula and Tony are walking with them, so they obviously got back to Earth somehow.

Avengers: Endgame which will be the final MCU film in Phase 3 will be released on April 26th.


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good ending! i say seriously, best action movie !