A new rumor from MCUCosmic suggests that yet another Disney+ series might be in early development from Marvel Studios.

This new one could focus on Riri Williams aka Ironheart.

According to a source who has not yet been wrong, a potential Disney+ limited series for Ironheart has begun early development. While a movie is possible, it sounds like she’ll be introduced via a limited series before appearing in the films; just like Ms. Marvel.

There had been previous talk of a potential Ironheart film being developed after a blacklist script penned by Jada Rodriguez was discovered back in 2018.

When a young African-American girl loses hope in humanity, she dedicates her life with the help of Tony Stark, to becoming a superhero. Not knowing she is her own worst enemy.

Even Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr. has voiced his approval to see the character join the MCU.

Ironheart could be yet another member of the Young Avengers that could be getting introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe via these Disney+ shows.

Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel will have her own series, Kate Bishop will appear in the Hawkeye series along with Wiccan and Speed being rumored to show up in WandaVision.

Scott Lang’s daughter Cassie Lang could likely become Stature in the now confirmed Ant-Man 3 and there are further rumblings of the Young Avengers making their big-screen debut there.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see if Marvel will officially announce plans for Ironheart.


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