With an increasingly star studded cast for the lastest DC Comics project, comedian and podcaster Marc Maron is in talks to join Joaquin Phoenix in Warner Bros.’ upcoming Joker solo film. The Glow star would join the cast already headlined by Phoneix, Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz and Frances Conroy in the production led by The Hangover director Todd Phillips.

Phillips, who is directing the film he also co-wrote the script for with Scott Silver, now has a solid lineup of actors for his movie. While major plot details are still unknown for now, the film is slated to take place in Gotham City in the early 1980s. It will also have a lesser budget and find itself much darker than the studio’s DC Universe films.

Maron was most recently seen in the of Netflix’s popular ’80s wrestling comedy, Glow. He also starred in the series Easy and his 2017 special Marc Maron: Too Real. In addition, he is the host of the popular podcast WTF With Marc Maron. The film is expected to hit theaters in October 2019.

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