Lucasfilm’s ‘Project Luminous’ Reportedly Will Be Strictly A ‘Star Wars’ Publishing Event – Likely Won’t Have Live-Action or Video Game Tie-Ins


A Star Wars rumor circling online that the next wave of films would be taking place in the era of The High Republic (after The Old Republic and hundreds of years before the prequels) and would be closely connected to something called Project Luminous that would be launching all sorts of new material such as novels, comic books, and video games along with live-action stuff as well. 

ABC correspondent Clayton Sandell has posted on his Twitter account that the rumored Star Wars project titled Project Luminous (said to be a wave of books, comics, films, games, and shows) from Lucasfilm will be announced on February 24th.

However, he’s pouring cold water on the talk that it will have anything to do with anything with video games, film or television. 

SANDELL: “Don’t hold your breath for any movie/TV/game tie-ins.”

Clayton previously posted an official logo for the project with Lucasfilm copyrights on it. 

This isn’t hard to imagine as the setting of the project The High Republic was recently mentioned in the Marvel Comics comic Star Wars: The Rise of Kylo Ren. 

ABC is a Disney-owned company, so Clayton might have better access to what is happening behind the scenes given who employs him. Then again, we’ve seen Disney protect their official announcements or behind the scenes hiccups in the past. 

There is a good chance that people uncovered this plan with the basic idea of it and just made the assumption that this would have a connection to future films instead of simply filling a void in the publishing side of things as the films will be on hiatus until a release in 2022.

It had been previously reported by TheHollywoodReporter that Lucasfilm would be making their big announcement concerning Star Wars 2022 this month, but as the month is about to close we still haven’t got any official information or announcement that had been promised. 

Slightly frustrating. 

I guess we’ll have to wait another month for some official details on Project Luminous. 


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